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Equity in Education Systems Change

We are excited to announce an important project that will bring positive change for thousands of students and families. Together, RE•Center and Manchester Public Schools are developing an Equity-Informed School Climate Assessment.

Manchester Public Schools (MPS) is poised to be a leader in the state of Connecticut by identifying distinct areas of inequity in the Manchester school system and making a bold plan to redress them. Through a partnership with RE•Center and Dr. Paul Gorski, MPS is launching a year-long process to uncover inequities in its current system. The project will focus on hearing directly from school community members, centering those with marginalized identities, about their experiences as students, parents, teachers, staff and administrators.

A team of Manchester educators, led by superintendent Matt Geary, is working with program directors from RE•Center, with help from national expert of education equity and assessment, Dr. Paul Gorski. Dr. Gorski has come to CT twice so far to guide this work, and we are very grateful to learn from his experience and research. Dr. Gorski is a founder of EdChange, an organization that is nationally recognized as the leader in creating equity literate educators.

Data will be collected through interviews, focus groups, site visits, surveys, and a review of policies and procedures. Once the data is analyzed, RE•Center will release a report complete with recommendations for action moving forward. MPS will then create and implement an Action Plan with the aim of creating an equitable learning and working environment for all members of the school community. This is a unique effort which can have ground-breaking results for the residents of Manchester.