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Leadership Workshops for Educators

Equity in Education Workshops ~ Open Enrollment

We are offering a series of opportunities for educators and community partners from throughout Greater Hartford. Don't miss out on this important learning!

Three different workshop formats will be offered multiple times between now and June, 2019. See dates and register HERE.

Together we can build an equitable and just world!

EDIfy Educator Workshops
In addition to our student-centered programming, RE•Center offers services that build the capacity of educators to understand and effectively engage students from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our goal is to increase the number of classrooms in Connecticut where teachers are prepared to support diversity, multiculturalism, and equity, and where students can be themselves and do their best.

Workshop Format
RE•Center offers workshops for teachers using activities and structured dialogue centered on exploring the individual experiences of group participants. Participants are invited into a process of transformation and change beginning with the examination of personal identities and beliefs, and their impact on the vital work of inspiring students to learn. Throughout all of our workshops, participants are guided through conversations on how race, class, gender, and other "differences" impact the work of educators working in increasingly diverse classrooms. With a healthy balance of content presentation and participant-guided dialogue, our programs are fully interactive and require educators to participate in the learning process. Our workshops are tailored to the individual needs of the learning community. Sample topics include:

• History of Race and Educational Inequity
• Stereotype Threat and its Effect on Learning
• Conversations on Race in the Classroom
• Equity vs. Equality in Education
• Being the "Other"
• Racial Identity Development
• Teamwork, Communication and Leadership
• Unearned Privilege and Unearned Disadvantage
• The Costs of Racism for White People
• Responding to Children's Microaggressions
• The Basics of a Multicultural Classroom

To request more information and to schedule a meeting, please contact:
Jason Fredlund at


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