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Leadership Workshops

Since 2009 RE•Center has provided Leadership Workshops for students, educators, and community leaders, focused on team building and diversity trends.


2009- Received Grant from ING and developed an interactive and proven diversity education training program for elementary to college age students and teachers. The focus of the leadership workshops is to build positive relationships and teach respect and appreciation of others from different racial, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.
2009-2010 - 4 workshops were conducted.
2010-2011 - 8 workshops were conducted.
2011-2012 - 24 workshops were conducted.
2012-2013 - First time a team of staff were hired exclusively to conduct leadership workshops. Average of 30 workshops held every year since


Annually serving over 1,000-1,500 teachers and students elementary age to college age from Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

Leadership Workshops Offered

Discovering Diversity; Building Empathy; Fostering Inclusion; Class Climate; Engage the Team.

By the Numbers

2011-2012 School Year -Total Number of Students Served: 915; Total Number of Teachers Served: 124; Total Number of College Students Served: 26; Total Number of Workshops Scheduled: 24. 2012-2013 School Year (As of 1/14/13) - Total Number of Students Served: 1, 117; Total Number of Teachers Served: 41; Total Number of Organization Staff and Parents Served:22; Total Number of College Students Served: 10; Total Number of Workshops Scheduled: 33.